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Why Sometimes Spouse?

Sometimes Spouse was started by a married couple, and their best friend.  Sometimes Spouse began because the founders could not find time to spend with their families, due to work, obligations and life.  Crystal, Max & Christy took that pain, and created a handyman & household cleaning franchise that created a culture for their customers, employees, branch managers and franchisees to take control of their lives & create the freedom and flexibility to enable them to put family first. 

Sometimes Spouse believes in Family First, which is our culture.  Sometimes Spouse supports you every step of the way in your business, while you are building something for you and your family.  Sometimes Spouse takes the headache out of business ownership, by taking care of your financials, online marketing, insurance, taxes, phone calls, and systems to growing your business.  Sometimes Spouse supports you in opening your business, growing your business, building your territory of Sometimes Spouse even when you want to step away and enjoy the spoils building of your company.

Sometimes Spouse equips franchisees with skills, systems, knowledge and tools to grow their handyman and household services business.  Sometimes Spouse has a team of outstanding franchisees that also help you with the growth of your business, training you, coaching you & leading you to become the man/woman you want to become.  Sometimes Spouse is looking for like minded individuals who want to put their family first, grow a business that serves your local community & lead a team to become better versions of themselves. 

Sometimes Spouse has two streams of revenue built into our business plan, with the handyman & household cleaning services.  This is very unique to the franchising world.  You basically get two business in one, for just one low price.  Sometimes Spouse's business plan is for you to hire the team that does the home repairs & home cleaning, and for you to run the business.  You will work on your business daily, growing it, building it, and not in it swinging a hammer or pushing a mop. 

Sometimes Spouse also has a residual income stream built into the business plan.  Sometimes Spouse is the home of the Sometimes Home Plan, which is a weekly home cleaning plan & a monthly handyman plan.  Sometimes Spouse provides affordable, high quality services to their customers, with professional husbands and wives. 

Home Based Business – Training – Technology – Take Control of Your Life - #familyfirst

Low Buy-In Franchise Fee: $5,000

Franchise Opportunity:

Getting Started: Sometimes Spouse is the Try Before You Buy Franchise

What does Try Before You Buy mean?  Sometimes Spouse is an exceptional franchise model, that allows you to start the business before you purchase Sometimes Spouse.  You begin your business as a Branch Manager, and then you get the opportunity to purchase your franchise. 

Sometimes Spouse is a handyman & household services business.  Sometimes Spouse has a residual income built into our business plan with the Sometimes Home Plan.  Sometimes Spouse has a dual revenue stream to help you grow a profitable business.  Sometimes Spouse offers high quality handyman & household services.  Becoming a franchise owner is an outstanding way to put your family first, by having flexibility and freedom in your business that starts with a low buy-in for a quickly growing industry.

Sometimes Spouse is a unique service based business, that works 8-5 Monday-Friday, and not working weekends.  Sometimes Spouse truly believes that families are to spend time together, and not work 24/7.  You can control your business during these hours, and actually have a life, to enjoy.  You deserve the best that life has to offer. 

Become a part of the Sometimes Spouse Family:

Sometimes Spouse Home Office Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Financials
  • Online Marketing
  • Systems for all aspects of your business
  • Support
  • Call Center
  • Training
  • Expense Management

Franchise Owners Roles & Responsibility: As a franchise owner at Sometimes Spouse, you are expected to be involved in the operation of your business:

Sometimes Spouse Handyman & Cleaning Services - Franchise Opportunities

  • Marketing your business locally
  • Recruiting & Training
  • Customer Service
  • Job Scheduling
  • Managing your business
  • Be Hands-On

What is Sometimes Spouse looking for to become a part of the Sometimes Spouse family?

  • Family First driven individuals
  • Owners with a Teachable Spirit
  • Men/Women with Leadership abilities
  • High Character People
  • Persons who relate well with others
  • Family First individuals who believe in the culture at Sometimes Spouse
  • Families who want to change their community
  • Individuals who are growth driven
  • Owners with a positive attitude
  • Leaders with competency
  • Hard-workers who are going to work on their business daily
  • Mom's & Dad's who are involved with their families in the evenings & weekends
  • Individuals who see a bigger picture in life

Franchise Award Process: 

  • Complete the Below Request Info Form
  • Begin the process of applying for the Sometimes Spouse franchise family
  • Interview with Sometimes Spouse Home Office
  • Complete Boot Camp at Sometimes Spouse Home Office
  • Graduate Sometimes Spouse Boot Camp
  • 14-30 day Probationary Period
  • Purchase Your Sometimes Spouse business

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